How NOT to prepare for finals week

While students this time of year are bombarded with everybody and their mom's "Best tips and tricks to tackle finals week," I thought I would take a moment to recognize all of the students... well, that just don't care anymore.

Whether you're a senior, an engineering major, or just too damn stressed to hear the word "exam" ever again, here are some things to do to keep school off your mind in between all-nighters.

Take a walk

This one might seem a little boring, but stretching your legs, getting a change of scenery, and just simply moving around are great ways to energize your brain and your body in between cram sessions. (And who knows what you might find. I know here in Denton, there are plenty of interesting places to grab a bite to eat and people watch.)

Play a video game

Anything from a free mobile game to texting the guys for a game of League of Legends can be enough to take the edge off of thinking about your grades. Picking up a controller can make noon turn into midnight, erasing hours of time that could have been spent dwelling on how you spent the last three months of your life.

Make a snack

Spending a good fifteen minutes crafting the perfect sandwich is both therapeutic and delicious, but keep in mind it is perfectly normal to pile Doritos and ham onto a slice of bread due to a lack of motivation. It’s not like anything as trivial as food matters anymore. These are trying times.

Read a book or magazine

Nothing beats the feel and smell of a good, old fashioned book. Pretending to read while staring aimlessly at the same page for hours as you contemplate why you make the choices you make is a time-honored tradition of the University student, and get ready because time spent in this state will stay with you for the rest of your life!

And last but not least,


Because it’s important not to hold emotions in. Right? Please tell me other people are doing this. I would ask them, but I haven’t seen anybody leave their room in days.


Self Care is important, and it’s okay to take time to get away from the stresses and sleepless nights of finals week. So if you need me, I’ll be curled up in a ball under my covers until Friday.

Please send food and supplies to Willis Library, at the University of North Texas. Thank you. -Jynn Schubert

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